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Career fair

Below, open positions are listed that have been forwarded by an EANA member. Additional job offers can be found for example at:

  1. 3-year Post-Doc position." Multi-omic characterization of Antarctic Cryptoendolithic communities as proxy for searching life on Mars"
    The projects aims to study the cryptoendolithic communities living in the Antarctic desert, accounted as the closest Martian analogue on Earth. The goal is to identify, through a metagenomic approach, the metabolic pathways and genetic basis that allow these microorganisms to adapt and remain active in the extreme conditions of their natural environment in the simulated early and current Martian conditions simulated on ground. This information constitute an absolute novelty and notable step forward understanding the process allowing life or survival in extreme conditions on Earth, the definition of habitability limits and the possibility of extraterrestrial life on Mars-like planets.

    COMING SOON: 2023-10-15
    Webpage: COMING SOON

  2. Post Doctoral fellowship at (IMPMC, Sorbonne University, CNRS & MNHN)
    A 18 months Post Doctoral fellowship is available at Institut de Mineralogie, de Physique des Materiaux et de Cosmochimie (IMPMC, Sorbonne University, CNRS and MNHN), in collaboration with the PASTEUR Lab (Dept of Chemistry of ENS, CNRS, SU). The latest starting date is 1st of November 2023. Candidates are required to have a PhD in Physics, Chemistry or Materials Science. The project is mainly focused on the investigation of prebiotic chemical reactions in solution by numerical simulations, enhanced sampling, ML approaches. Prior knowledge of numerical simulations using, e.g., DFT, MD, is expected. Experience of one or several of the following codes is considered an advantage: CP2K, Quantum-Espresso, Plumed, LAMMPS.

    Latest Starting Date: 2023-11-01