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Upcoming events
To add a conference, workshop or training school, please send an e-mail to eana-web (at)
  • Summer school/workshop "Microsatellites in planetary and atmospheric research"
    2018-08-06 to 2018-08-11, Tartu, Estonia

    The use of micro- and nanosatellites in space missions have been one of the hot topics in space research and space technology during the last years. As opposed to traditional spacecraft missions which can take decades to prepare and may cost up to billions of Euros, microsatellites (<100 kg) and nanosatellites (<10 kg) offer a quick, low-cost alternative for atmospheric and space research, which is ideal for early career people. However, in order to plan missions involving such small satellites successfully, intensive interaction and cooperation between scientists and space technologists are necessary, which is still lacking in some potential key applications. The early career scientist workshop/summer school "Microsatellites in planetary and atmospheric research" will take place from 6 to 11 August 2018 at the University of Tartu. It aims to:
    • Give participant an overview into the most pivotal research questions in planetary and atmospheric sciences
    • Highlight the possible potential of microsatellites in those areas
    • Explore novel applications of microsatellites in a multitude of different fields including astronomy, planetary and atmospheric sciences, geosciences and astrobiology
    • Foster the interaction between space researchers and technologists
    • Allow participants to start the design and planning of new space missions
    • Contribute to the training of a new generation of space researchers
    Participants will also have the possibility to display their own research results in a poster session. Furthermore, a half-day excursion to interesting sites in the area (Ice Age Museum, Lake Peipus) and a walk in Tartu are included as a social programme. Accommodations and meal costs are very low.
    The event is aimed for students and early career scientists and open to applicants at all ages from all nationalities.

  • SCK-CEN Summer School in Radiobiology
    2018-08-13 to 2018-08-24, Mol, Belgium

    Students, aged 16 to 20 years old, are invited to apply for the next edition of the 2 week Summer School in Radiobiology taking place at SCK-CEN from August 13 till 24 2018 to learn about the peaceful applications of radiation in the field of medicine, environment, space sciences and technologies.
    If you know someone in this age range, in Belgium or abroad, with a very strong interest in these fields, and who has a good grasp of written and spoken English knowledge, please let them know about this course.
    The course is given in English. The group of selected students will be restricted to 20.
    This course has been run by SCK-CEN each summer for the last 10 years benefiting some years from the support of the European Commission because of its public utility for European citizens.

  • EANA 2018
    2018-09-24 to 2018-09-28, Berlin, Germany
    Late registration deadline: 2018-09-17

  • International Astronautical Congress
    2018-10-01 to 2018-10-05, Bremen, Germany

    The whole area of space research is discussed in many interesting sessions. Of specific interest to EANA members may be session A1.6: Astrobiology and Exploration

    A new era of space exploration will soon expand into a global endeavour to achieve highly ambitious goals such as establishing human bases on the Moon, journeys to Mars and the construction of new infrastructures in space. Astrobiology plays a key role in the strategic search for organic compounds and life on Mars and other planetary objects in our solar system and can provide support in the preparation of human exploration endeavours. The session invites papers of astrobiological content supporting future robotic and human exploration missions.

  • Ninth Moscow International Solar System Symposium (9M-S3)
    2018-10-08 to 2018-10-12, Space Research Institute (IKI), Moscow

  • 4th NoR HGT and LUCA conference
    2018-11-05 to 2018-11-06, Eugenides Foundation, Athens, Greece

  • Deep Life In Buried Salt Deposits - A EU COST MEDSALT Training school
    2018-12-09 to 2018-12-16, University of Essex

    Goal: provide training in microbiology and geochemistry needed to investigate life in buried salt deposits: lectures, laboratory practicals and an underground experience!

    The EU MEDSALT COST action will support the participation of about 20 trainees with a fixed grant to cover travel and accommodation costs.