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Upcoming events
To add a conference, workshop or training school, please send an e-mail to eana-web (at)
  • EANA 2018
    2018-09-24 to 2018-09-28, Berlin, Germany

    2018-09-29 to 2018-09-29, Bremen, Germany

    The PPOSS project (Planetary Protection of Outer Solar System bodies) is a project supported by the European Commission Horizon 2020 programme for research and technology development. PPOSS addresses the issues of planetary protection dissemination of knowledge and of strategic scientific foresight for outer solar system exploration.

    In 2017-2018 PPOSS -- COSPAR is organizing a series of international seminars/tutorials intended to present planetary protection framework, policy and practices to partner organisations.

    In this context, PPOSS -- COSPAR and the International Astronautical Federation (IAF) are collaborating to organize a free Planetary Protection Tutorial on Saturday September 29th 2018, prior to the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) 2018.

  • International Astronautical Congress
    2018-10-01 to 2018-10-05, Bremen, Germany

    The whole area of space research is discussed in many interesting sessions. Of specific interest to EANA members may be session A1.6: Astrobiology and Exploration

    A new era of space exploration will soon expand into a global endeavour to achieve highly ambitious goals such as establishing human bases on the Moon, journeys to Mars and the construction of new infrastructures in space. Astrobiology plays a key role in the strategic search for organic compounds and life on Mars and other planetary objects in our solar system and can provide support in the preparation of human exploration endeavours. The session invites papers of astrobiological content supporting future robotic and human exploration missions.

  • Ninth Moscow International Solar System Symposium (9M-S3)
    2018-10-08 to 2018-10-12, Space Research Institute (IKI), Moscow

  • 4th NoR HGT and LUCA conference
    2018-11-05 to 2018-11-06, Eugenides Foundation, Athens, Greece

  • Deep Life In Buried Salt Deposits - A EU COST MEDSALT Training school
    2018-12-09 to 2018-12-16, University of Essex

    Goal: provide training in microbiology and geochemistry needed to investigate life in buried salt deposits: lectures, laboratory practicals and an underground experience!

    The EU MEDSALT COST action will support the participation of about 20 trainees with a fixed grant to cover travel and accommodation costs.

  • AGU 2018 Fall Meeting
    2018-12-10 to 2018-12-14, Washington DC, US

  • Mars Extant Life: What's Next?
    2019-01-29 to 2019-02-01, Carlsbad, New Mexico, US
    Abstract Submission Deadline: 2018-12-31
    Early Registration Deadline: 2018-11-15

  • Kepler and K2 Science Conference V
    2019-03-04 to 2019-03-08, Glendale, CA, US
    Registration Deadline: 2019-02-10
    Abstract Submission Deadline: 2018-11-15

  • AbSciCon 2019
    2019-06-24 to 2019-06-28, Seattle, Washington