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EANA Network and Executive Council

EANA Executive Council - 2016-2019
The European Astrobiology Network has been formalized in Spring 2001 during the First European Workshop on Astrobiology co-organized with ESA at the ESRIN research facility in Frascati, Italy and has the following organizational structure:

Frances Westall, France, westall (at)

Honorary Presidents:
André Brack, France, brack (at)
Gerda Horneck, Germany, gerda.horneck (at)

Vice Presidents:
Nils Holm, Sweden, nils.holm (at)
Ewa Szuszkiewicz, Poland, szusz (at)

Lena Noack, Germany, lena.noack (at)
Nigel Mason, UK, N.J.Mason (at)

Kai Finster, Denmark, kai.finster (at)

AbGradE representative:
Ruth-Sophie Taubner, Austria, ruth-sophie.taubner (at)

EX OFFICIO ELECTED for the period 2016-2019
Brandeker, Alexis*, Sweden
alexis (at)
Billi, Daniela, Italy
billi (at)
Cavalazzi, Barbara*, Italy
barbara.cavalazzi (at)
Brucato, John, Italy
jbrucato (at)
Chatzitheodoridis, Elias*, Greece
eliasch (at)
Cottin, Hervé, France
herve.cottin (at)
Cockell, Charles*, UK
c.s.cockell (at)
De Vera, Jean-Pierre, Germany
jean-pierre.devera (at)
De la Torre, Rosa*, Spain
torrenr (at)
Demets, René, ESA
Rene.Demets (at)
Dobrota, Cristina*, Romania
cristina.dobrota (at)
Ferrari, Franco, Poland
franco (at)
Ehrenfreund, Pascale*, The Netherlands
p.ehrenfreund (at)
Gargaud, Muriel, France
Muriel.Gargaud (at)
Finster, Kai*, Denmark
kai.finster (at)
Holm, Nils, Sweden
nils.holm (at)
Hofmann, Beda*, Switzerland
beda.hofmann (at)
Josset, Jean-Luc, Switzerland
jean-luc.josset (at)
Jehlicka, Jan*, Czech Republic
jehlicka (at)
Kobayashi, Kensei, Japan
kkensei (at)
Kotsyurbenko, Oleg*, Russia
kotsor (at)
Lehto, Kirsi, Finland
klehto (at)
Lammer, Helmut*, Austria
helmut.lammer (at)
Mason, Nigel, UK
N.J.Mason (at)
Lehto, Harry*, Finland
hlehto (at)
Möller, Ralf, Germany
Ralf.Moeller (at)
Martins, Zita*, Portugal
zita.martins (at)
Moissl-Eichinger, Christine, Austria
christine.moissl-eichinger (at)
Raulin, François*, France
raulin (at)
Noack, Lena, Germany
Lena.Noack (at)
Rettberg, Petra*, Germany
petra.rettberg (at)
Olsson-Francis, Karen, UK
Karen.Olsson-Francis (at)
Robert, Severine*, Belgium
severine.robert (at)
Schulze-Makuch, Dirk, Germany
dirksm (at)
Ronto, Gyorgyi*, Hungary
ronto (at)
Schwartz, Alan, The Netherlands
alan (at)
Szuszkiewicz, Ewa*, Poland
szusz (at)
Vago, Jorge, The Netherlands
Jorge.Vago (at)
Westall, Frances, France
westall (at)

* representatives of countries

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