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EANA Network and Executive Council

Please be aware that there are currently fake emails purporting to come from the EANA president, EANA treasurer, or an AbGradE committee member. These people will never ask you for help in a financial situation or to buy gift cards for them.
EANA Executive Council - 2019-2022
The European Astrobiology Network has been formalized in Spring 2001 during the First European Workshop on Astrobiology co-organized with ESA at the ESRIN research facility in Frascati, Italy and has the following organizational structure:

Barbara Cavalazzi, Italy, barbara.cavalazzi (at)

Vice Presidents:
Frances Westall, France, frances.westall (at)
Tetyana Milojevic, Austria, tetyana.milojevic (at)

Lena Noack, Germany, lena.noack (at)
Ruth-Sophie Taubner, Austria, ruth-sophie.taubner (at)

Frédéric Foucher, France, Frederic.Foucher (at)

AbGradE representative:
Keyron Hickman-Lewis, France, Keyron.Hickman-Lewis (at)

Honorary Presidents:
André Brack, France, brack (at)
Gerda Horneck, Germany, gerda.horneck (at)

EX OFFICIO ELECTED for the period 2019-2022
Borg, Josef*, Malta
josef.borg (at)
Baqué, Mickael, Germany
Mickael.Baque (at)
Brandeker, Alexis*, Sweden
alexis (at)
Billi, Daniela, Italy
billi (at)
Cavalazzi, Barbara*, Italy
barbara.cavalazzi (at)
Brucato, John, Italy
john.brucato (at)
Chatzitheodoridis, Elias*, Greece
eliasch (at)
Cockell, Charles, UK
c.s.cockell (at)
Danger, Gregoire*, France
gregoire.danger (at)
De Vera, Jean-Pierre, Germany
jean-pierre.devera (at)
De la Torre, Rosa*, Spain
torrenr (at)
Foucher, Frédéric, France
Frederic.Foucher (at)
Deitrick, Russell*, Switzerland
russell.deitrick (at)
Gargaud, Muriel, France
Muriel.Gargaud (at)
Dobrota, Cristina*, Romania
cristina.dobrota (at)
Mason, Nigel, UK
N.J.Mason (at)
Finster, Kai*, Denmark
kai.finster (at)
Möller, Ralf, Germany
Ralf.Moeller (at)
Jehlicka, Jan*, Czech Republic
jehlicka (at)
Moissl-Eichinger, Christine, Austria
christine.moissl-eichinger (at)
Kobayashi, Kensei*, Japan
kkensei (at)
Noack, Lena, Germany
Lena.Noack (at)
Kotsyurbenko, Oleg*, Russia
kotsor (at)
Olsson-Francis, Karen, UK
Karen.Olsson-Francis (at)
Kun, Ádám*, Hungary
kunadam (at)
Onofri, Silvano, Italy
onofri (at)
Lehto, Harry*, Finland
hlehto (at)
Pacelli, Claudia, Italy
claudia.pacelli (at)
Martins, Zita*, Portugal
zita.martins (at)
Rettberg, Petra, Germany
petra.rettberg (at)
Milojevic, Tetyana*, Austria
tetyana.milojevic (at)
Taubner, Ruth-Sophie, Austria
ruth-sophie.taubner (at)
Patel, Manish*, UK
manish.patel (at)
Vago, Jorge, The Netherlands
Jorge.Vago (at)
Robert, Severine*, Belgium
severine.robert (at)
Westall, Frances, France
frances.westall (at)
Schulze-Makuch, Dirk*, Germany
schulze-makuch (at)
Szuszkiewicz, Ewa*, Poland
szusz (at)
ten Kate, Inge Loes*, The Netherlands
I.L.tenKate (at)

* representatives of countries

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