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Important Deadlines and News

Upcoming deadlines / important events
Deadline for registration: 2021-09-06
EANA 2021 - Virtual Conference

Application deadline: 2021-05-14
EANA International Spring School: Hydrothermal Vents

Abstract submission deadline: 2021-07-02
EANA 2021 - Virtual Conference

EANA International Spring School: Hydrothermal Vents
EANA is celebrating its 20-years anniversary by organizing several special events throughout 2021.

Hydrothermal systems are crucial environments for astrobiology: they are thought to be the theatre of life's origins, host unprecedented polyextremophilic biodiversity, and are key targets in the search for life throughout the Solar System, especially on Mars and icy moons.
Join the first EANA online school to learn about hydrothermal systems from interdisciplinary perspectives at the interfaces of geology, biology and chemistry.
From May 17th–21st, 2021, there will be one talk each day (two talks on May 21st) on a particular aspect of hydrothermal systems.

The school is free of charge and is an ideal opportunity to discover or deepen your understanding of these unique environments.

Application deadline: 14 May 2021 at 23:59 CEST.

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Organising Committee:
Barbara Cavalazzi, EANA and EUROPLANET
Ruth-Sophie Taubner, EANA and AbGradE
Lena Noack, EANA
Anita Heward, EUROPLANET
Nina Kopacz, AbGradE
Keyron Hickman-Lewis, AbGradE
Frederic Foucher, EANA

Added 16 Apr 2021
IJA Special Issue - Celebrating 20 Years of EANA
We are delighted to invite you to submit an original research article to the upcoming EANA Anniversary Special Issue in the International Journal of Astrobiology - "Open Questions and Next Steps in Astrobiology in Europe - Celebrating 20 Years of EANA".
Many of you have been part of the EANA family for many years (some from the beginning), and followed the development of the European Astrobiology Network Association into the strong community that we are now. This year, EANA now celebrates its 20th anniversary during the annual meeting that will be hosted online from Porto, Portugal (7-10 September, 2021). EANA will organize a number of events to celebrate its first successful 20 years and its aim to develop astrobiology in Europe and promote collaboration among EU astrobiologists.
The Special Issue will include perspectives from past and present presidents of EANA, historical description of the European network, reviews, and research papers outlining the latest European research in astrobiology, especially in the context of the new and next astrobiology mission to Mars, and in the perspective of the Mars Sample Return Missions.
Join us in celebrating 20 years of EANA by submitting you research paper to the EANA Anniversary Special Issue.

To better plan the diversity of research subjects and research groups for the special issue, we would be grateful if you could indicate (if you haven't done so already) your interest via e-mail to until 16 April 2021 with a title and short abstract of the envisioned manuscript. The submission deadline for the full manuscript is 15 September 2021.

We look forward to many contributions from the EANA community,
Barbara Cavalazzi, Frances Westall, Lena Noack, Ruth-Sophie Taubner, Tetyana Milojevic, and Kai Finster (guest editors of the special issue)

Added 1 Apr 2021
EANA 2021 - registration now open
The EANA 2021 website is now up and running! The EANA 2021 - Virtual Conference will happen from September 7-10, 2021.
The deadline for registration is September 6, 2021, and the deadline for abstract submission is July 2, 2021.

The European Astrobiology Network association (EANA) celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. In addition to this landmark, Portugal was going to be the host country of an EANA meeting for the first time. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the EANA meeting will be online, but we will certainly have plenty of reasons to celebrate and have an exciting event! The virtual EANA 2021 meeting will connect the international Astrobiology community, with an exciting and interactive programme for four half days from September 7-10, 2021 (2pm to 6pm (CET) every day). The virtual meeting consists of invited keynote presentations, several oral presentations (to be submitted by the participants), our well-known Space Factor student contest, as well as poster presentations. EANA 2021 is organized by the EANA 2021 LOC and the EANA Executive Board.

Please consult the website for further information, and forward this message to possibly interested colleagues.

Added 1 Apr 2021
Call for new ESA astronauts
The European Space Agency (ESA) is looking for professionals who are able to conduct spaceflight missions to low Earth orbit and the Moon and to fulfil technical, scientific, managerial, or administrative tasks in support of the human spaceflight programme, in particular, and ESA, in general.
ESA astronauts make up the European Astronaut Corps, which is the single corps of astronauts that represent all the ESA Member States. ESA astronauts are, first and foremost, representatives of Europe in space. The corps consists currently of seven astronauts who can be assigned by ESA to spaceflight missions. Through their training and spaceflight experience, the European Astronaut Corps, both individually and collectively, is a resource of European expertise of human spaceflight operations.
ESA astronauts are amongst the most visible players in human spaceflight, working under the authority of the Leader of the LEO Exploration Group. Due to their high visibility, astronauts are natural ambassadors of the Agency and its programmes. ESA astronauts need to have sound practical skills (kind of “generalist”) and excellent communication abilities, including public speaking.

More information can be found on

Closing Date: 28 May 2021

Added 1 Apr 2021
ERC Consolidator Grant in Astrobiology
We are happy to announce that our Co-Vice President Tetyana Milojevic has been awarded an ERC consolidator Grant for her project entitled:
"Biogenicity of Martian Materials: critical assessment of biosignatures based on chemolithoautotrophic interactions".

We warmly congratulate her on her successful application.

Added 6 Jan 2021
New Year's Message from the President
It's my great pleasure and privilege to wish you on behalf of EANA all the best for 2021, for you and your family. Hoping the bad days are behind us.

This year 2021 it is 20 years ago that EANA was founded.
A reason to look back and reflect on European Astrobiology Network, but also to celebrate and look forward!

Therefore, as key points of the coming years, we are looking forward to meet all of you in September 2021 at the EANA annual meeting to celebrate 20th year of EANA. Our Portuguese colleagues are working hard to prepare an exceptional "online" meeting!

Celebrate 20 years of EANA with us, encourage and sponsor other commemorative events in your country!

Dedicated to the 20th anniversary of EANA this year we will have the EANA21 Outstanding Paper Award. We are looking forward to receive your best Astrobiology papers!!

A special issue of the International Journal of Astrobiology on Open Questions and Next Steps in Astrobiology in Europe, will also celebrate 20 years of EANA. All EANA members are invited to submit original manuscripts!

On this 20th anniversary, I think about how valuable EANA has been to me and to so many astrobiologists in helping to build connections with other astrobiologists from across Europe and outside Europe, who shared enthusiasm for science, passion for astrobiology, common sense and values. In today's changing world a society as EANA with strong sense of community and committed members is needed more than ever.

With warm wishes for a magnificent 2021,

Barbara Cavalazzi
President of EANA

Added 4 Jan 2021

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Milojevic et al. (2021): Chemolithotrophy on the Noachian Martian breccia NWA 7034 via experimental microbial biotransformation

Nat Commun Earth Environ 2021, 2, 39, DOI:10.1038/s43247-021-00105-x

Link to paper

Multiple lines of evidence indicate an active hydrogeological history of Mars and chemolithoautotrophy-suited environments within its Noachian terrains. As a result, one of the primary aims of upcoming missions to Mars is to search for signs of ancient life. Here we report on laboratory-scaled microbially assisted chemolithoautotrophic biotransformation of the Noachian Martian breccia Northwest Africa (NWA) 7034 composed of ancient (~4.5 Gyr old) crustal materials from Mars. Nanoanalytical hyperspectral analysis provides clues for the trafficking and distribution of meteorite inorganic constituents in the microbial cell. We decipher biomineralization patterns associated with the biotransformation and reveal microbial nanometer-sized lithologies located inside the cell and on its outer surface layer. These investigations provide an opportunity to trace the putative bioalteration processes of the Martian crust and to assess the potential biogenicity of Martian materials.
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